Mold is often found in most homes, but this doesn’t mean that you have to deal with it instead of removing it. Once you detect an area in your house that has been affected by mold, you should immediately look for ways to remove it before the damage is too severe. Discover below the best solutions you could use for removing mold from your house.

Make good use of chlorine

The best solution for removing mold so far is chlorine, due to the strong disinfecting properties that make it excellent in fighting fungus and spores. A combination of 3 parts water and one part chlorine will be strong enough to kill the mold spores with a single application over the affected area. However, it’s best that you spray the chlorine and let it work instead of rubbing the area with a cloth soaked in chlorine. When you rub the area covered in mold, all you do it stir the fungus and release it into the air, which is a very bad thing for your health.

Try vinegar and soda

If you are not a fan of chlorine because it can irritate your airways, skin and eyes, you can replace it with a softer cleaning solution made of vinegar and baking soda. Both these products are disinfectant and can work against the nasty mold spores in a more delicate way for you than chlorine. Carefully mix vinegar, water, and baking soda in a spraying bottle and apply it to the mold-covered area and let it sit for a few minutes. Remember not to rub the surface either, but let it dry while the mold spores start vanishing.

Use tea tree oil

When it comes to removing mold, tea tree oil is another option that is softer on you, but it costs more than the previous solutions and has a stronger odor. However, considering the wide range of uses it has, you are likely to have it at home. Add about 4 tsp to a liter of water and spray the mixture over the affected area until well absorbed and avoid rubbing in order to keep spores from spreading. The strong odor should fade away in a few days and the area will remain clean and mold-free.

Remove air humidity

Cleaning the mold is a temporary solution, but removing the source is something that will make sure you won’t have troubles with mold for a very long time. Given that mold is caused by excessive air humidity, the most efficient way of getting rid of it is to eliminate the air moisture by using a dehumidifier. The highest rated dehumidifier is probably the Keystone 70-Pint dehumidifier, which is suitable for medium or large rooms. Regardless the level of humidity in your house, the intensity of the mold or the level of damage on the affected surfaces, this dehumidifier will manage to remove the water vapors from the air that cause mold spores to develop.

Since a dehumidifier can be a considerable investment, it is advised to avoid cheap products and invest in the highest rated dehumidifier, a unit that will last for many years, without experiencing any problems. Place the dehumidifier close to the area where you detect mold and let it adjust the humidity level by absorbing water vapors, thus removing mold spores.