Since you start forming your own family, you will be more cautious when it comes to money and you will start looking for affordable items that will help you save on the family budget. Although paying attention to your finances is a good thing, it shouldn’t keep you from having fun and enjoying wonderful moments in beautiful vacations. To help you combine money-saving with good entertainment, here are the cheapest family destinations you can choose from.

Barcelona, Spain

If this is your first vacation as a family, Barcelona is the place to go because it can be quiet and relaxing at the same time as it is vibrant and full of energy. The amazing buildings with impressive and strange designs will certainly fascinate the small ones, as well as the colorful Parc Guell filled with mosaics and giant lizards. Then, there is the Port Vella where you can see animals like seahorses and sharks. If you get tired of the parks, the buildings, and the restaurants in Barcelona, you can always see the beautiful beach at Barceloneta.

Disneyland Paris, France

This is one destination that you must put on your wish list and have the chance to see at least once in your life. Although it’s a place designed for children and the little ones are going to be thrilled, Disneyland can also be a great place for you, the adults. The kids can enjoy the endless entertaining activities like the roller coasters, a ride with the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disney Village or the Disney characters. Afterward, you can have a sip of the romance of Paris and take a walk downtown, since it’s only an hour away from the resort. However, Disneyland offers plenty of activities that will fill the day and you and your kids will never get bored.

Corfu, Greece

For those of you who prefer the sun and the beauty of a beach surrounded by gorgeous waters, there is the option of going to Corfu island in Greece. The village Kalami, located in the east part of the island, is known for its peace and quiet, which is the perfect environment for a family with small children and you can rent a villa there so you will skip expensive hotels. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful bay and relax on a cozy beach or take a walk along the island. If your children are older and they want to do something fun, they can learn to windsurf in the northern part of the island or ride horses at a horse riding center.