Beards are rightfully considered makeup for men as the facial hair doesn’t only cover up flaws, but it defines the jawline, making it look stronger so that you look manlier yourself. However, growing a beard is a time-consuming process, one where you have to battle the razor for weeks and carefully handle the facial hair so that it won’t grow out chaotically and ruin your appearance.


As the beard grows out and even when it reaches the point where you find its length to be enough, you have to take proper care of it, and using special products is an important part of the process. To upkeep a proper daily beard care routine, men usually use either balms or oils specially designed for facial hair. But which is the better-suited product to use?

Beard oil

It is a must-have in your care routine when you are growing the beard out, especially during the first 6 weeks of this quite lengthy process. It softens the facial hair and nourishes it, promoting a fast pace growth that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. It even helps soothe the skin underneath the beard so that itching won’t be a problem and aesthetically unpleasant irritations don’t appear.


  • Regular use reduces the occurrence of split ends.
  • As split ends don’t occur as often, you won’t have to trim your beard often either.
  • Hair follicles will look healthier and shinier.
  • Tangling won’t occur anymore and your facial hair will look better kept.

Beard balm

The balm is appropriate for use when the beard has grown out and reached the length you desire. It is basically a leave-in conditioner that you must apply on a daily basis if you want to take proper care of the facial hair, working as a styling aid to help you tame wild strands and preserve a tidy appearance. As there are moisturizing agents inside it, this beard care product helps upkeep facial hair health and soften the strands to make them more pleasing to the touch.


  • Protectant agent in the balm helps seal moisture in the hair strands.
  • Helps moisturize the beard to keep it healthy.
  • Conditions the facial hair to make it easier to style and tame.
  • Softens the hair, which will allow you to more easily comb it.

Integrating the care products in your routine

As you have probably deducted on your own by reading about the oil and balm, both products play important roles in the growth and upkeep processes, so they will be present in your care routine at one point. Even though one is better suited for the growth process, namely the oil, while the other one is intended for use when the beard has already grown out, they are to be integrated together if you want to take up a truly correct routine.

Proper beard care routine:

  • Washing: You will inevitably get your beard wet when you enter the shower, just make sure you don’t use shampoo on it daily, or you risk drying out the hair strands and stripping them of their natural oils. When the time does come to wash it with shampoo, make sure the product you use is chemical-free, basically that it contains only organic ingredients.
  • Drying: There are two techniques you can use, namely by padding or with a hairdryer. If you opt for padding, do it gently to avoid damaging your skin cells and hair follicles. On the other hand, if you go with using the hair dryer, which is the more convenient choice as the hair will dry faster, you must make sure to keep it on low-medium heat. Otherwise, you risk damaging the skin and the hair follicles, burning them and causing split ends to appear.
  • Applying oil: If you really want to do bread care by the book, then applying oil is a daily task in your routine. Yes, its main purpose is to aid in facial hair growth, but even when you reach a point where you are satisfied with the beard’s length, you shouldn’t stop using it. The role of the oil is, besides promoting growth, to clean the strands properly and replace the natural sebum lost when you wash. The ladder are important in proper care, and the hair is bound to grow out even more eventually no matter what you do, so you must make this a daily habit and simply trim the excess hair when the time comes.
  • Combing: Another mandatory daily task is combing, which is done to evenly distribute the oil you have applied, as well as to train hair strands to grow in a downward direction, as it should in order to look good. Seeing how there are care products already applied on the beard, the material of the comb you use is equally important, and the ideal choice, in this case, is natural wood.
  • Applying balm: This is the final step in your daily routine, the one where you have the most fun as, after you apply the balm, you can proceed to style the beard and shape your image as you like. Use an all-natural balm that you rub on your finger, work between your palms, and apply to the facial hair in order to style it.