Gas grills need maintenance to work properly and to function smoothly for a long time, therefore if you have a gas grill you must not forget to tend to it on a regular basis.
Read the following lines to find out some useful gas grill maintenance tips, and apply them as instructed below to keep this appliance in a great shape for as long as possible.

Check for leaks

You should perform a thorough inspection of the fuel line on a monthly basis to make sure that there aren’t any gas leaks.
You can check for gas leaks by brushing soapy water along the gas line and connections, and if any bubbles form along these lines, it means that you have a leak. In case this happens, you have two options of dealing with this problem, being to either replace the line, or to tighten the connection.

Clean it on a regular basis

If you grill on a regular basis, you should clean the gas grill every few months, and not twice per year as it’s usually recommended.
To clean the gas grill you need a grill brush, a sponge, a bucket of soapy water, and an empty bucket to throw the debris in.
Use the brush to thoroughly scrub the grates of any gunk that has built up, and take them out to clean their bottom side as well.
After finishing with the grates, wash the burner protectors of any grease and matter that could clog them. Most burners can be pulled out of the gas grill, and if you can take them out you should wash them with a sponge and soapy water until they look shiny and new.
The last step that you must take when you clean the gas grill is to remove all the gunk that has built up at the bottom of the plates.
Pull the plates out and clean all the gunk off of them with the grill brush above the empty bucket to not leave a mess behind, and when they have been cleaned, you can put everything back together.

Cover the grill

To keep the gas grill safe from the harsh weather conditions, you must keep it covered when you aren’t using it. In addition, by keeping the grill covered you keep it from rusting and becoming dirty as well.
You can buy a cover for your gas grill from the manufacturer, these covers being sold separately, but they’re worth the money if you consider how much they help the grill stay in a good shape.