Let’s face it, cleaning the house is a tiring and time consuming chore that no one likes to do, but it’s unfortunately unavoidable.
To spend less time cleaning the house, you should read the following lines to find out how you can clean it entirely in less than 30 minutes, enjoying more free time by following our advice.

Get rid of the clutter

Before you actually start cleaning the house, you must first eliminate the clutter from all your rooms to have a better flow when you begin the cleaning process.
Put all the dishes in the kitchen, place all the dirty clothes that are lying around in an empty laundry basket, put the shoes where they belong, and place anything else that you find back to its original place.
If you have children, make them help you by having them gather all the toys that they left lying around, teaching them that they have to clean after themselves by doing this.

Multitask to finish faster

The only way in which you can finish cleaning the entire house in less than 30 minutes is by multitasking.
You can get more than one part of the cleaning process done at once by putting all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher to get rid of having to wash them yourself, by loading the washer with the dirty laundry that has gathered, and by having your robot vacuum take care of all the dirty floors for you.
While these three appliances do their part of the job, you can tend to other chores.
You can start by cleaning the bathroom throroughly, disinfecting the sinks, tubs, and the toilet, and wiping the mirrors.
After you finish with the bathroom, you can start cleaning the kitchen. Here you can wipe all the surfaces and appliances, and organize everything when the dishwasher is done with cleaning the dishes.
When it comes to cleaning the bedroom and family room, you have to wipe all the dust that has settled on the surfaces and clean the windows, because the robot vacuum is the one dealing with cleaning the floors.

Change the sheets and replace the towels

After you finish with the general cleansing of the house, it’s time to replace the old bed sheets with new and clean ones, and the towels in the kitchen and bathroom should be replaced as well.
This is the final step, but one that you can’t skip if you want the house to look perfect and to have every room smelling fresh and clean.