Creating a cinema in your house is a great way to keep your children entertained and help them relax and enjoy some fun moments with the entire family. If you plan everything carefully you can design an amazing home cinema for all your family to enjoy. To help you create a cinema for your kids we’ve put together some smart tips to bring the impact of the movie theater at your place.

Plan things ahead

When it comes to designing a home cinema for your children, planning is crucial. It’s essential to take into consideration the opinions of your kids as well as the opinion or feedback or a professional so that you can create something unique. If your children are fans of the popular movie animation “Frozen” or any other Disney movie, you can try to create a Frozen themed cinema in the comfort of your own home. There’s of course another option to design a cinema room, to choose a comfy and relaxing design that will go well with the overall design of your house.


Lighting is the most important element here, mainly because it generally represents an effective tool to create the perfect theater atmosphere before or after watching a great movie. Kids don’t enjoy sitting in the dark that much and that’s a well-known fact. So instead of turning the lights off completely, you should consider adding a dimmer in your cinema room and keep a couple of wall lamps on. Avoid opting for table lamps or large floor lamps because they can take a lot of space and obstruct your view.

Opt for comfortable furniture

Comfort is primordial, especially in a cinema room because you and your children will spend a lot of time there watching your favorite movies together. If there’s a large screen in your room, you will want to opt for cinema style seats and recliners that you can order online (to find better deals). Furthermore, you can also creating another row by installing a raised platform. Large sofas and lounge chairs are also a great idea because you can easily convince your kids to take a nap after the movie ends. Don’t forget to place a couple of side tables in your cinema room to keep all the drinks and snacks within your reach.

Invest in a movie projector

The main focal point in your cinema room is without a doubt the TV. Opt for a large TV screen that give you the option to watch movies in 3D. There are plenty of 3D movie animations that your kids will want to watch on the large screen. You can also invest in a good quality movie projector if you want to have the ultimate home cinema experience. There is a variety of home movie projectors available on the market that come with the latest features and settings, including the 3D option.