Every woman dreams of having lashes that go for miles, making heads turn everywhere they go by simply batting their lashes.
The most common method of lash enhancement used by women is to apply mascara, but there are many other methods to have beautiful long lashes as well.
If you want to have gorgeous lashes and you want to achieve this without using mascara, read the following lines to find out some other efficient methods of lash enhancement.

Lash growth serum

A very efficient method to enhance your eyelashes is to apply lash growth serum on them. This way your eyelashes will be longer in only a few weeks of using lash growth serum, and if you have lash deficiency, this problem will be fixed as well.
You can buy lash growth serums from any pharmacy or beauty product manufacturer out there, and their price is generally between $20-$50, therefore you won’t be spending a lot of money on this method of enhancement either. In addition, it’s a natural way to make them longer, and not a concealing method like the mascara is.


Applying Vaseline on your eyelashes is another bulletproof method of having longer eyelashes that won’t go unnoticed, and the results can be seen in only 5-6 weeks.
To apply Vaseline on your eyelashes you need a mascara brush, baby powder, and of course, Vaseline.
You have to wash off all the mascara from the mascara brush with water and soap, after the brush is clean and dried off, put baby powder all around it, put Vaseline on it, and apply it to the lashes.
It’s a very easy method to use, and if you don’t want to ruin your mascara brush to use this method, you can buy a sample mascara brush from any store that sells beauty products.

Lip balm

Last but not least, we have the lip balm method with which you can enhance your eyelashes. This method takes time, just like the others, therefore you should have patience with it. Also, beside making your eyelashes grow, this enhancement method will make them appear curly as well.
To have fast results with this method you must use flavored lip balm, but don’t make the mistake of using one that has menthol in it, because you can hurt your eyes.
This must be done before you go to bed, because after applying the lip balm from the inner corners of your eyelashes to where they stop, you have to put on a sleeping mask and let the lip balm do its effect over night.