Appliances are costly to repair, and they are very expensive to replace. For you to be able to enjoy your appliances for a longer time, without having to fix or replace them, you must do everything you can to maintain them in a good shape.
In the following lines we will show you how you can maintain your appliances in a good shape, and if you apply what you read you won’t have to worry about them anymore.


Dishwashers are a common kitchen appliance these days, because in the crazy times that we live in, we can’t afford the luxury of wasting time washing the dishes every single day, but rather have the dishwasher do this dirty job for us.
For the dishwasher to run at its best for a long time, you have to fix the filter, and to rinse out material deposits.
Most modern dishwashers have a filter that they use to trap food particles during the wash cycle, and this filter should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent foods and seeds from building up on it and getting trapped there.
If you don’t have a whole house water filter that can clean and soften the water that runs through your entire home, the water that the dishwasher uses is hard, and it builds up mineral deposits on the dishwasher’s spray arm.
You can clean the water jets in the spray arm easily with a toothpick, but the best thing to do is to install a whole house water filter to avoid having this problem in the first place.


The best way to maintain the refrigerator in a good shape is by cleaning it on a regular basis, both inside and outside.
The outside of the refrigerator refers to the base grill and the coils. The base grill of the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly to improve the air flow to the refrigerator’s components, and the coils have to be clean to efficiently cool the unit as well.
When it comes to the inside of the refrigerator, you shouldn’t wait until it becomes sticky or it gets an unpleasant odor to clean it, but rather make a habit out of cleaning it every month to make sure that your food is stored in a clean and safe environment.

Bread maker

The bread maker saves you a ton of money on the long run due to the fact that you don’t have to buy bread from the store if you own one, therefore it’s important to take care of this useful appliance.
For the bread maker to last for years, you have to oil the kneading blade shafts at least once every six months, to clean out bread crumbs, flour dust, and sticky spills immediately, and to remove and clean the kneading paddles by following the instructions in the bread maker’s manual.

Coffee maker

The coffee maker is one of the most used appliances in every household, and it’s maintenance is not only important for the machine to be in a good shape, but for the coffee to be of a good quality as well.
Avoid damaging the coffee maker and drinking contaminated coffee by cleaning the inside of the machine with a water and vinegar solution every month, and you won’t ever have problems with this kitchen appliance. Also, don’t forget to address damages to the filter basket immediately for the power cord to not burn or the machine to leak.