Having a home sauna that you can use whenever you want is definitely a reason to be happy, because you not only get rid of all the stress you accumulate during the day at your job or in your personal life, but there are many health benefits to gain from using it as well.
The only problem is that most people tend to use the sauna incorrectly, doing more harm than good to their health, therefore you should inform yourself on how to properly use a sauna by reading the following lines to make sure that you won’t affect your health in any way.

Pick the perfect termperature for you

Most people who have an infrared sauna set the temperature between 100-140 degrees Fahrenheit, while most people who own a traditional sauna set he temperature between 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The best choice that you can go with is the temperature that your body can tolerate best, but without going over the upper limit of the temperature ranges that we mentioned above depending on what type of home sauna you have, because you could even damage your skin if you set the temperature at an intolerable level.
Play with the temperature setting when you’re using the sauna until you find the one that you find most fitting, and stick to that temperature for future sauna sessions.

Make sure you stay hydrated

The most important step in properly taking a sauna is hydration. Make sure you have a bottle of water or coconut water with you when you enter the sauna, and drink a glass of water before entering it as well to ensure that you won’t get dehydrated during the sauna session.
Your skin will look wonderful and you will have many health benefits to gain from using the sauna while staying properly hydrated, therefore pay close attention to not forget about this important detail when using it.

Wear an appropriate attire

One of the main reasons why people use the sauna in the first place is to eliminate the toxins from their body by sweating, and covering yourself up with clothes or thick towels to sweat more is a big mistake, because the toxin filled sweat won’t be wiped away, being reabsorbed by your skin.
Use the fact that you have a home sauna to your advantage, and enter it naked. After all, you’re in the privacy of your own home, there are no strangers from which you could get any disease, you know that it’s clean because you clean it yourself, and you could let the other household members know not to enter while you’re enjoying your nude sauna.
If you can’t enter the sauna naked because you have to share it with other family members, at least wear only a bathing suit, covering as little of your body as possible.

Take a break once in a while

The appropriate time of continuously using the sauna is around 15-20 minutes, time after which you should step out of it for a small break if you want to continue with the session.
If you start feeling uncomfortable before the 15-20 minutes pass, you should take a break earlier, avoiding feeling dizzy because of overusing it.