A little relaxation goes a long way, but going to a spa can be a real bother if you’re tired and stressed, and all you want to do is to sit in your home, avoiding any contact with strangers.
Thanfully, you have the basement which you can exploit and turn into your own private spa that you can use every single day for as much time as you want in an intimate space, and if you read the following lines you will see what you need to make this transformation of the basement a success.

Hot tub

You can’t have a spa without a hot tub, and to be able to install a hot tub you must build the spa near the laundry room to have access to a water source.
The hot tub will provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience, and getting to soak in the bubbly hot water in the privacy of your own home is the best way to enjoy using it.
What you must not forget though is to have a locking lid on the hot tub if you have children to make sure that they can’t access it when you’re not around, keeping them safe from any unpleasant incident this way.


The basement is generally very damp, and using it as a spa only adds to the increased humidity of this space, which is unhealthy and can provoke the appearance of mold.
Buy a dehumidifier that can handle the size of your basement, and place it there to make sure that the humidity will stay at a healthy 30-50% level, not having to deal with health issues caused by the appearance of mold and mildew.

Massage chair

The massage chair is second in importance after the hot tub in the process of making a private spa, because one of the main reasons why people go to the spa in the first place is to relieve tension in their muscles through professional massages. Therefore, instead of having a professional come over every time you need a massage, buy a massage chair and use it whenever you want, making the perfect addition for your basement spa.

Heat source

Basements get chilly easily, and while you’re in the hot tub it might not bother you, but as soon as you get out of it, you won’t feel as comfortable anymore.
Invest in an infrared heater and say goodbye to this problem for good, making the basement feel as warm and pleasant as any other room of your house.


Last, but not least, you have to make the spa more appealing and calming by placing certain decorations that are mandatory in any spa. These decorations include plants, scented candles, flower petals, and even pictures of nature. They will surely pretty the place up, making it the perfect spot to spend your free time in.