Year after year, appliance manufacturers everywhere bring as many improvements as they can to stay ahead of the competition and to make their products more successful. Thankfully, the same can be said about dishwashers as well, this once dull appliance being now more interesting than ever.
In the past few years, dishwashers have seen a series of improvements, the leading brands in this industry constantly focusing on innovation.
If you want to see for yourself which is the best dish washing machine and which are the most innovative dishwasher features available, read the following lines:

LG’s TrueSteam

The two models from LG that come with the innovative TrueSteam technology are the LG 8574 and the LG 8072 dishwashers. The LG 8574 is considered by many to be the best dish washing machine, and this is thanks to this particular steam feature.
The TrueSteam technology is based on three gentle, but at the same time powerful steam cycles that efficiently eliminate the need to pre-wash the dishes. This is possible because steam has a more effective penetrating power due to its small water particles, and because it increases the temperature inside the tub, melting off any kind of waxy and oily residue from the dishes.
The three steam cycles of the TrueSteam technology are Steam Delicate, Steam Power, and Steam Dual.
The Steam Delicate option should be used to clean delicate items like stemware and fine china, adding a boost of steam gently to the delicate cycles, the Steam Power option switches to the highest spray intensity in the dishwasher and it should be used for dishes that are heavily spoiled, and the Steam Dual option is a mixture of the Steam Delicate and Steam Power option, the default setting of this option, which of course can be adjusted, being set to spray steam strong on the lower rack, and to be gentle to the upper rack.

Bosch’s Zeolite

Bosch’s Zeolite feature is probably the most practical innovation in dishwasher features, and opening the door for a new kind of improvements.
By using zeolite crystals to produce heat in the interior of the dishwasher during the dry cycle, there is no energy that’s being consumed, making the Zeolite feature from Bosch a truly innovative and game changing improvement to the dishwasher industry.

Samsung’s Half Load Option

These days, everyone is concerned about being energy efficient, therefore household appliances had to keep up with this trend as well.
The Half Load Option from the renowned manufacturer Samsung is one of the most innovative energy efficient features available, by giving the user the option to wash only the upper rack, saving you time, energy, and water at the same time.