These days, men are expected to not only do well at their jobs but help with housework as well. As a practical guy who wants to get everything done in the most efficient manner possible, you have to be open-minded when it comes to receiving help. At this point, it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore that tech innovations aid make our lives easier. Thus, you should integrate modern, innovative household devices into your life to have an easier time with chores and other tasks. In the following, we will present you with the essential devices that all practical modern men need, so stick with us if you’re tech savvy and want to benefit from what advances have put at your disposal.

Smart Outlet – Remote Control Over Plugged-In Devices

Replacing your regular outlets with smart outlets like the ConnectSense is the first step to transforming your home, making it modern and practical so that it will suit your needs and expectations. As you install a smart outlet, you gain the capability to control devices and appliances that are plugged in. This means that you can remotely turn off the coffee maker, lamps, the washer, the dryer, or any other plugged item. Your smartphone is the tool that you’ll use to manipulate the outlet’s settings, a piece of tech that you’re already familiarized with.

Pool Cleaning Robot – Hassle-Free Pool Maintenance

The fact that pool maintenance is mandatory isn’t news for any pool owner. As a practical person who wants to use time as effectively as possible and optimize your work, you must take advantage of tech advancements that have brought us robot pool cleaners. Modern and efficient in their work, robotic pool cleaners deliver a unique service – tending to pool cleaning without requiring human interference.

With the pool cleaner at your disposal, your sole task will be plugging it in and inserting it in the water. From that point on, the robot will single-handedly filter debris found in the water and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. Obviously, these devices differ from one another greatly, so you must take your time when buying them to analyze what each model has to offer and choose one that’s full of useful features.

Smart Sprinkler System – Automatic Watering Based on Weather Conditions

Water is consumed wastefully on a daily basis, and woefully, this is one of the reasons why the state of our planet is decaying. Also, excessive household water consumption leads to expensive bills, so there’s nothing to gain from not keeping track of your consumption rates. The addition of a smart sprinkler system is mandatory as it allows you to monitor and control the rate at which the garden is watered.

Make irrigation a more efficient task with the installation of a smart sprinkler that operates not only how you set it but based on calculations that are in conformity with stored weather data. We recommend the RainMachine as it automatically sets its own operation based on how the weather is that day. Thus, in case it rains, for example, the sprinkler won’t water the garden anymore as this would be a pointless operation that would lead to water waste.

Smart Thermostat – Remote Temperature Control

Smart thermostats boast the unique and useful capability of allowing the user to control the home’s temperature remotely. Thus, wherever you are in the world, whether you’ll be at work or in a different country on vacation, by simply using your smartphone you’ll gain the capability of adjusting the temperature at home. Depending on the model you go for, there are other impressive benefits to reap as well.

For example, the Nest smart thermostat can automatically learn your temperature preferences. It’s capable of doing this as it monitors your behavior when you set the thermostat yourself, studying your patterns to know when and how it should automatically set the temperature. Other high-end thermostats are even able to locate your position, monitoring your arrival so that they create the perfect temperature indoors before you open the door when coming from work.

Smart Coffee Maker – Wake Up to a Freshly Prepared Cup of Coffee

Another quite practical addition to a modern man’s collection of household devices is the smart coffee maker. If you enjoy drinking a hot cup of Joe when you wake up to get an energy boost, you’ll find this smart device very useful. Allowing you to set it to operate before you wake up or come home from work, the smart coffee maker will get your coffee prepared in the nick of time so that you won’t waste 5 minutes out of your personal time on the beverage’s preparation.

There’s not a lot of competition in this market so you won’t have a lot of machines to compare with each other when making the final decision. However, what you need to know right from the get-go is the fact that the programmability, functionality, and versatility in use that smart coffee makers offer is what makes them crucial for practical men – the time you gain by finding coffee already prepared in the morning means that you’ll have more time to work on your projects.