Women tend to put a lot of emphasis on their look, but the same couldn’t be said about men for sure. They tend to be a lot more casual and laid back about their look, not wanting to stress themselves too much over details like hairstyle.
Thankfully, for those who are too lazy to sit in front of the mirror and spray their hair until it looks perfect there are certain hairstyles that they can try that don’t require grooming.
If you are the type of man who doesn’t want to complicate himself too much over his hairstyle and you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle to go with, you should read the following lines for you to find out what are your best options.

Shave it all

The most low maintenance hairstyle for men is definitely no hair at all, therefore if you truly don’t like to have to deal with styling your hair every day, you should shave it all off.
This is a tricky choice although, because not all men look good with a shaved head, but it’s worth it to give shaving it all a try, because if this look suits you, you have the dream hairstyle of any lazy man. In addition, if you think about it, at one point you are going to be bald anyway, and when you start to lose your hair it will look funny because it doesn’t fall all at once, therefore by going bald on purpose, you won’t be shocked by the transformation when the time comes.


Another easy to handle hairstyle that many celebrities have been rocking for quite a while is the undercut, which is a very easy hairstyle to work with.
To have the undercut hairstyle, you must keep the hair on the sides and on the back short, and leave it long on the top, without creating the blending effect between the lower and upper area.
Some lazy ideas for making it look like you tried to do something with the undercut hairstyle are to pull the top in a bun, or to add some product to create the pompadour effect.


One of the most masculine and low maintenance hairstyles for men out there is the buzzcut, a hairstyle that will make any woman think of you in a uniform, and we all know that women can’t resist in front of a guy in a uniform.
If you want, you can combine the buzzcut with a short trimmed beard that is at the same level with the hair, this way doubling your low maintenance by not shaving as often as you would normally do it.