Massage chairs are a wonderful way of relaxing your body and allowing all your muscles to release the tension gathered during the day. Sill, some models are more efficient than others due to some innovative features that increase their performance and extend the array of massage. Below, you have two of the most efficient massage chairs with unique features that guarantee the ultimate relaxation.

Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

This impressive massage chair includes a wide range of features designed to cover your entire body and offer the ultimate relaxation. The Shiatsu point locator uses an infrared sensor that allows the chair to detect your body’s pressure points in order to deliver an excellent massage. The complex neck and shoulder massage feature uses adjustable pads and air cells that apply shiatsu pressure on your shoulders while the neck is being lifted from both sides. This massage chair offers the unique and most effective full arm massage with the help of 20 air cells that cover your arms from the shoulder to the fingertips. The 13 motors and over 100 active massage cells, the Inada massage chair offers the widest body coverage in all the chair models available in the world. There are air pads on the skull area that put pressure on your head so you can literally relax your entire body while the calves and soles are handled by the automated footbed. Moreover, the 3-D roller mechanism uses rollers for a deep and intense massage that mimics the movements of a professional masseur. The chair is operated with a remote control with intuitive buttons that allow you to make your selections. You will never loose it because it will always be within reach on a side pocket of the chair.

Titan Ti-7800 Massage Chair

Similar to the previous massage chair, the Titan Ti-7800 handles your entire body from head to toe using some unique massage features such as the circular air cushion head massage that wraps your head and uses air pressure to stimulate the blood circulation in your head. The soft squeezing is similar to the pressure applied by human palms that help you eliminate pain. The innovation is in the two air massagers that wrap around your arms and use 4 airbags to put pressure on the forearms and wrists in order to improve blood circulation. Moreover, the calf massage is delivered by 16 airbags that press onto your feet to help the blood circulate and to relax the muscles. The chair offers lower lumbar heat that warms your muscles so that the massage will have an increased effect of relaxation. The Zero Gravity feature brings your body in a soothing position where your feet stand at or above the heart level in order to promote blood circulation.