Before you go out there and buy the first radar detector you lay eyes on, there are some things you must know that could make a difference between a good unit and the best unit. Although they all do the same thing, which is detect police radars and keep you away from speeding tickets, some models are more efficient and practical than others due to some small details that can really make a difference, so make sure you pay attention to them.

Ease of use

There is no sense in having a high-tech radar detector with a cumbersome working mode that makes it impossible for you which button does what. Therefore, don’t buy a radar detector because it has many buttons, but because you can easily go through its menu and select the features that are the most efficient. Opt for one with a wide display, clear settings, and adjustable volume that make the radar detector comfortable and easy to use. In order to be certain that a device is indeed easy to use, you could read some radar detector reviews.

Radar or laser?

Basic radar detectors are the cheaper version that can detector regular police radars and has little features, being the perfect choice for drivers who don’t want to spend too much on a radar detector. Laser detectors, on the other hand, are the most advanced model that can detect the latest type of police radars, the laser gun. This unit requires a larger investment and comes with a wide range of features that increase its convenience.


A good radar detector should include a wide database with all the red light cameras and speed cameras installed in your city so you will know the main obstacles on your way. The most advanced ones offer traffic news related to road blockages, accidents, or traffic jams in order to help you choose the shortest route. A good database should upgrade from time to time so you will stay connected to the latest traffic information.

Smartphone compatibility

When buying a radar detector, look for one that can be connected to your phone so you can download applications that improve its efficiency. This way, you can join internet traffic groups where drivers post information regarding radars and cameras placed along the road. The radar detectors that can be connected to a smartphone have a voice command that alerts you when you are approaching a traffic radar.


Some radar detector brands are more popular than others because they have a history in designing reliable and accurate devices that have offered satisfaction to customers throughout time. Cobra and Escort are some of those brands that manage to keep up with technology and develop high-end radar detectors equipped with all the necessary features for a comfortable and safe driving experience.

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