More often than seldom, the style and appeal of a home lay in the small details that not only complete the design but also add it that touch of personality and innovation it lacks. This is why designers put such a high price of details and accessories that can completely change the aspect of a home. To make your home look more stylish, use the following details when you design your home interior.

Royalty touches

A king-size bed decorated with an upholstered headboard and a stylish canopy make you think of a royalty that likes to sleep in silk and lace, which is why you should add this touch of style to your bedroom. You won’t have to replace your old bed because you can make the headboard yourself using a piece of wood or even a had cardboard. Cut it in the shape you like and cover it in a precious fabric that will match your curtains or covers. As for the canopy, 4 hooks in the ceiling can hold the delicate lace and satin that will cover your bed.

Hardware finishes

Instead of opting for cheap-looking knobs and drawer pulls made of plastic, you should consider hardware finishes made of elegant steel or rough iron that make any piece of furniture look more attractive. Decorate old drawers and cabinets with new hardware finishes and you will notice how the effect will be of a more stylish and refined design.

Crown molding

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective way of making a room look complete, crown molding is the answer to your demand. Although it looks very elegant, this finishing detail is very inexpensive but makes the room look so elegant that you might think it’s ten times more expensive. The wide range of shapes offers you endless possibilities, from ceiling beams to columns or high baseboard, all with the same stylish effect on your walls.

Hardwood flooring

Although you might think that an expensive carpet can make a room look more sophisticated, the truth is that nothing can beat the elegance of a neat hardwood flooring. Your home will look more luxurious and will have a more pleasant aspect if you choose a quality hardwood floor in a dark color, completed with some small rugs here and there. Hardwood doesn’t have to be expensive and you can make a great deal if you opt for affordable wood like oak or birch.