State of the art kitchen appliances set themselves apart from all the other kitchen appliances by having a superior design and innovative features and options which make them irresistible, even if there’s a high price to pay for having one of these amazing appliances at your disposal.
Read the following lines to find out which are the state of the art appliances that you need in your kitchen, by reading knowing exactly what are the best models to go with for your kitchen.

Samsung T9000

The T9000 refrigerator from Samsung is the definition of style and functionality, and once you will fully understand what this state of the art refrigerator is able to do for you, you won’t be able to leave the store without buying it, even if it comes at the high price of $4600.
With this model, Samsung have set a new record for themselves when it comes to capacity, the T9000 having the amazing ultra high capacity of 31.77 cubic feet. This makes the T9000 the perfect choice for crowded households or for those who like to throw big parties, giving you the advantage of having enough space to store food and beverages of all sizes.
The most interesting and innovative feature of this model is definitely the Triple Fresh Cooling technology that features 3 evaporation fans and compressors, only this technology being able to properly cool a refrigerator with this kind of capacity.
Other features that make the T9000 a must have state of the art appliance that you need in your kitchen are the CoolSelect Plus compartment, the Bacteria Safe Ionizer, and the Easy Freeze Guard.

Jenn-Air JJW2427DS

This state of the art wall oven from Jenn-Air comes at the price of $2800, offering you 4.3 cubic feet of oven capacity.
The first thing that will attract your attention with the JJW2427DS is the 4.3 inch full color LCD control panel that is highly interactive and that gives the appliance a familiar and easy interface to work with, the panel featuring menu-driven controls that guide you in selecting the cooking option that you desire.
Another great feature that makes this wall oven a must have state of the art appliance is the MultiMode convection system that achieves beautiful roasting, baking, and broiling results.

Jenn-Air JDB9000CWS

The Jenna-Air JDB9000CWS dishwasher incorporates energy efficiency and brilliant cleaning in one powerful model wich can handle as many as 14 place settings, making it irresistible for those who entertain often, or those who have big families. In addition, the price tag of this model is $1200, which is a reasonable price for what this state of the art dishwasher can do.
The key features of this dishwasher are the TriFecta Wash System which ensures water and energy consumption reduction, brilliant cleaning, and quiet operations, the Precision Dry Option that automatically pairs the wash cycle that you have selected with the optimal drying cycle, the Refresh/Rinse Cycle, the Steamware Clips, and the Waterlock Flood Protection Technology.