A quality washer and dryer can ease our life without a doubt. Many people don’t have both these appliances due to the limited space in their home. Fortunately, the technology has advanced very much and we can actually find on the market machines that can wash our clothes and dry them as well. These units are perfect for those with a small interior. For some inspiration, have a look at the following top 3 best-rated washer+dryer combos.


This all-in-one household appliance is one of the best choices you could make. Many consumers are happy with the unit, especially due to the fact that it uses a 6Motion Technology, to provide an amazing washing experience, and even the dirtiest clothes come out very clean. The machine comes with a variety of washing and drying cycles, in order to meet everybody’s needs. You will also have the option to sanitize the load if you’d like, and this is perfect especially for those who have children due to the fact that they need to be sanitized clothes and toys at all times. The water level will be changed accordingly to the amount of clothes you put in the unit, and therefore, the water will not be wasted. The dryer will not only dry your clothes, but it will also protect their fabric during the whole process. LG WM3477HW is a fantastic household appliance that will certainly not disappoint you.

Ariston ARWDF129NA

This energy efficient unit will be on your liking due to its efficiency and compact size which makes it perfect for small interiors. A variety of washing cycles is provided such as permanent press wash, cotton wash, delicate wash, Woolmark platinum care, and variable spin speed. With Ariston ARWDF129NA, you won’t need to worry about the noise, because the machine has a very silent operation, and due to this reason you can use it at any time without disturbing your family while sleeping. Ariston ARWDF129NA certainly deserves to be in this top 3 best-rated washer+dryer combos.

Midea MFL70-D1211S

If you don’t have an external venting system, then this s the right products for you. The device rolls out and hookups to all water faucets, and it can also operate with standard power outlets. The washing machine comes with 7 customized washing cycles, and therefore, all your needs will be met. Midea MFL70-D1211S is Energy Star certified, and this means that you will reduce your energy costs. The Automatic Load Sense feature will detect the clothes amount, and it will adjust the water volume accordingly. With its compact design and wide door, the unit is ideal for tight spaces.